What is a race night?

Using films of actual horses, shown on a large screen, guests enjoy an evening of selecting and then cheering on their horse. By using real money, they can be an extremely successful fundraising event.

There are always eight horses in a race and guests choose from the race card the ones they fancy putting their money on. People go to the betting table / tote table to place their bets. If their horse wins, they get back more than they started with.

Most race nights have eight races and, combined with a few drinks and often a meal, they really are a very popular event. Many variations are possible, but do bear in mind an event for 250 people will take more organising than one for 50.

Race nights can alternatively be just be a night's entertainment for club members or staff. In this case, we provide fun money or chips and whoever has accumulated the most at the end wins a prize. If you're looking to organise this type of event, have a look at our entertainments section.