Running your own race night

A low cost way to hold a race night is to hire the race films and run the show yourself.

Many pubs, schools and offices have the necessary equipment.

We'll help you to run your own race night by:

  • Giving you free advice as often as you need it to answer your questions
  • Supplying 8 races, including tote tickets, payout sheets, delivery and pre-paid return postage for just £87.50
  • Using a next day courier service to make sure your films are delivered in time for your event

Advice on running a race night yourself


Order the films early. They are always available but we do need time to process your payment and deliver them.


Decide in advance who is doing what. A compere can make a huge difference to the success of your event.


Ensure someone knows how to operate the video and sound equipment and checks it out before you start.


The betting is easy and instructions are included but make sure whoever is doing it is clear how to work it out.